Monday, April 14, 2014

WOW! A Great Weekend for Two of My Mysteries: 10TH & PENN and THE ASHES. Thanks to All The Readers Who Purchased Them. THANKS!!
 Of course, besides THE ASHES and 10TH & PENN, There are Other CS Miller Mysteries:

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Just got an e-mail from a reader who wants to know what my new mystery, KEEPING SECRETS, is about. Of course it's work in progress, but I can give you the gist of it:
KEEPING SECRETS involves an ancient parchment that is sold by an unaware customer to a pawn shop in Washington, DC. It turns out that over the years, there have been a number of murders committed in connection with the scroll.
A young archeologist, along with researchers in the US, attempts to determine whether the parchment is legitimate. She also is inadvertently swept up into the investigation of a number of recent murders that appear to be connected to the parchment.
I've still got a way to go before completing KEEPING SECRETS, but hope for a 2014 publication. Will keep you posted.  
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 Hope You're Reading a Mystery Now, and, Even Better,
Hope It's One of Mine!
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